Home Based Business Ideas for Women 2022

Home Based Business Ideas for Women

Home Based Business Ideas: 18 Ways to Start Work-From-Home

Below Some Business From Home For Housewife : 18 Ways to Start Work-From-Home

1. E-commerce :

The Business of buying and selling all things on online internet. In this field many companies are using e-commerce platform for reach out worldwide customer and increase their sales.

Today, you can start an e-commerce business from home and start earning.

You must have seen many times that nowadays every person is engaged in online shopping And this e-commerce industry is going to increase manifold in the coming time.

Then what are you waiting for, start online business in Amazon today and Join As Amazon Seller.

Why choose amazon because its very easy to on-boarding and If the products you are selling and do not have a trademark certificate, then you can list them as "Generic". Only you have to apply GTIN Exemption process before listing the products.

Where are the products from ?

The first thing you have to decide do is to sell After that you will have to talk to products wholesalers and manufacturers And they have to tell that you want to sell their products online. From them, you have to take details of products, prices and inventory.

After that you list the products and your selling will start, your earnings will start with that.

2. YouTube :

Nowadays, not everyone watches television, watches videos on YouTube as much. Yes, I am talking about how to become a youtuber.

To become a YouTuber you do not need much money or if you have to go somewhere else. You can do this work with the help of your smart phone and computer.

Before you start the channel on YouTube, you have to decide on which subject you will make a videos categories like Comedy, Technology,  Music, Cooking Recipe, Teaching Tutorials and more.

After getting the category decided , upload different different videos on YouTube Daily /twice  a day. You have to be patient because you will not be earning in the early days but definitely you will be earning money will you reached YouTube monetization rules.

YouTube Monetization Rules :-

  1. You need to have 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.
  2. Your videos have generated 4,000 Watch Time hours over the last 12 months.
  3. You comply with all YouTube's policies and guidelines.

3. Blogger :

How to become a successful blogger ? Before you start the  blogger , you have to decide on which subject you will make a post categories like news,technology, Cooking Recipe And more.

After getting the category decided , upload different different post on Blogger Daily /twice  a day. You have to be keep patient because you will not be earn in the early days but surely you will be earning money Whenever you reached bloggers monetization rules.

4. Direct Selling Products :

Network Marketing What is Means Direct selling products. Products directly to the consumer in a non-retail business. The merchandise sold through direct sales are usually now not determined in common retail locations, because of this locating a distributor is the only method to shop for the goods or services.

Below the list of Top Best Direct Selling Companies in Network Marketing Companies and MLM (Multi-level marketing ) Companies in India 2020.



Forever Living Products.


Naswiz Retails.

Win Nature International Pvt Ltd.


Radha Madhav Corporation Ltd.

To know more about the company, you can do a search on Google.

5. HR Consulting Business :

Is Specialist advice and services provided by a third-party to help businesses maximize the efficiency of their.

They are often valued by companies for their ability to bring an outsider's objective view.

I tell you what to do in this business. You can do the job of hiring someone. If You want Know how to start hr consultancy business Then You have to prepare a data for those who want jobs and who want employees.

The company needs good employees and the employees needs a good company . You can earn a lot of money by helping both of them.

6. Interior Designer :

If you are interested in this field then first off all you need to learn interior designing course. If you already learned then you can do this work from home.

If you are become the best interior designer then there is a lot of earning in this field.

Nowadays there is a lot of demand in metro and non-metro cities. Today, in everyone new house or old house, people are getting interior designing done.

And there is no limit to earning money because everyone wants their house to looking the best.

7. Tailoring :

If you have knowledge about stitching, then you can start your home only, you just need a sewing machine And if you live in the city, then this business will prove to be very good for you to a great extent and earning a lot.

Because I have seen that only a few people do the work of sewing, and they also take more money.

Or in this field competition are very low and profit more. then why are waiting for...start today and change your life.

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8. Share Trading Business :

If you have good knowledge and experience in the share trading / stock market, then you can start this business from home without any doubt And there are many websites and applications available in the market that can help you for best share trading.

9. Day Care Center 

In today's era, most of parents do the work, they don't have time to take care of their children. That's the reason they keep their children's in day care center.

In this, you have to take care of their children all day, instead they will give you money.Yes, you can also start this business from home and earn money sitting at home.

10. Boutique Business :

A Boutique is a small retail shop. In this business you can selling clothes, fabric, accessories and other goods to a specific segment of the market.

There are many boutiques in India which started from home but today there are many outlets in India. You can do this business both ways online Store and offline (Retail Shop).

11. Beauty Parlour :

A beauty parlour is profitable business ever times. Most of women's customers are using beauty services. It is a ululate business and attracts customers of most age groups.

If you have an expertise in doing the thing given below, then start today Beauty Parlour.

1. Hair coloring, cutting and styling

2. waxing and hair removal

3. Nail treatments

4. Facials and Skin care treatments

5. Spa, massages etc.

12. Tuition Classes :

This Tuition Classes Business is years old, but even today this business is going on because the teaching will never stop, whatever happens.

If you have the pleasure of teaching , then you can start this business from home. There are many people in India who are earning good money at home by teaching students.

If you are an expert in any one subject, you can start this business after that business growing the hire the teachers and spread the business.

In the era of the Internet, you can also teach teaching online.

13. Music and Dance Class :

Music Classes :

If you have the skills of any musical instruments and you are thinking of earning money, then you can earn money by opening music classes from home too.

Dance Classes :

In the last few years, many dance realities shows, movies have been made in India And the craze of dance has increased to a great extent in India.

Compared to the earlier, nowadays most of the parents are getting their child prefer to do dance classes.

14. Social Media Marketing :

See, today everyone is becoming digital and the companies which are also becoming part of it.

Whenever you use it like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube then any business comes to any business.

And must have also seen that you have done some searches and you see the same thing many times, this is called digital marketing.

See friends, If you are getting digital marketing then you can earn at home.
If you do not know digital marketing, then you can learn digital marketing course for free (Google Digital Unlocked).

15. Video Editing :

You can also earn good money by editing videos. Some Skills are required while video Editing a good sense of timing and visual awareness. a mixture of practical and creative skills.

Video Editors are generally liable for enhancing and assembling recorded raw fabric into a suitable, completed product ready for broadcasting. The material may consist of digital camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, pics and special effects.

Also you can do this work as freelancer.

16. Voice Over Artist :

You can do this from work from home. It's not always a need to go to an actual studio. Lots of people make more money doing voice overs from home.

If you feel that you have communication skills and your voice is also good, then you can also earn money by selling your voice.

Below Best Website for Voice Over Jobs From Home

1. Fiverr.com

2. SnapRecordings.com

3. Upwork.com

4. Voices.com

5. Voice123.com

17. Sell your service and expertise :

If you have the expertise given below, then you can make a good income by giving services.

1. Business Accounts : Business Register on GST, GST File (Every Months Need), ITR filling and all things related business.

2. E-commerce Specialist :  Registration on E-commerce Platform, Catalog Listening, Brand Registration, Business Development, Advertisement, Registration Fulfillment Channel And More.

3. Website Development : If you have good skills in website development then you can selling this service. Many such companies will be found in the market that will have to get websites done.  You have to find it, just start earning.

4. Digital Marketing :  Every small and big companies are resorting to digital marketing to growing their business. If you are doing digital marketing then you can earn good income.

18. Freelancer :

Freelancing can be done by anyone without any investment. If I talk, 57 million people all over the worldwide are earning money by freelancing and sitting at home.

Which kind of jobs are freelance?

Freelance Jobs Work From


Editing and Proofreading.

Marketing and PR.


Data Entry.

Virtual Assistant Work.

Call Center.

Online Tutoring.

Below are the Best Freelancer Sites:

1. Fiverr.com

2. Truelancer.com

3. Freelancer.com

Start Freelancing Today without any delay.

You can also adopt the ideas given below to earn money.

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4) Become A Reseller Without Investment

If you want to keep bringing such posts for you, please comment and let me know. I am waiting for your comment.......!

Remember : - Money can come but time cannot come back. Don;t Waste Your Time. 

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