How Can I Generate Passive Income in India 2022

Best Way To Generate Passive Income

In today's digital field, everyone is thinking about earning a passive income. Are you also thinking of earning passive income without investment?

So read this article till the end, in this I will tell you some ideas through which you will be able to earn a lot of money in the upcoming few years.

See friends, there is a principle of passive income if you want to earn money through without investment You may have to work hard in the beginning After that, if you stay With strongly patience then the day is not far when your income starts coming without doing anything.

What is Passive Income ?

Passive income is what you get every month without doing anything. This is different from working a 9 to 5 job or running your own shop selling clothes. It's allow to you have more free time to enjoy with your love ones.

How Can I Generate Passive Income in India 2020 ?

Passive income ideas in India

1. Blogging  :

If you have good knowledge / skills in any field and you want to tell people, then you can do it through blogger.

This is a free of cost cost. You do not need to invest some money in it, Just by taking help of Google, you can learn how to write a post on Blogger.

You can make a blogger on the topic given below.

7 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog :-

1. Health & Fitness : If you have some knowledge related to health and Fitness, then you can choose this topic. Like you know how to lose weight, home remedies, how to slim etc. you can write blogs on many topics.

2. Kitchen Recipes : Many times it may have happened that you have prepared food and they are not tired of praising you And if you want to bring your food recipe to the people, then you can choose this category.

3. Breaking News : Many times what happens is that whatever news we watch, we tell the people around us. It does not give you any money for work, but if you tell this to people through blogger, then you will also earn.Then what are you waiting for, join Blogger today. 

4. Upcoming Movies : In today's era, if everyone is going to see which movie or show of their hero or heroine, then they keep that news And if you too are interested in Upcoming Movies, Bollywood Gossips / News, Television Show then you can choose this Category.

5. Self improvement :   You can tell people about the changes that have been made on you, on this category And how he can change himself, he will tell you with the help of blogger. 

6. Product reviews : Purchased any of your online products in this category and if you liked it, then you can tell people about it. You have to tell people about the product and its features. Along with that, you should also keep a Amazon Affiliate link to the product in the post.

7. Travel Guide : If you have the pleasure of traveling and you know very well which place is the best, then you can start a blog on this Category. If you know which place in your village, city or district that no one knows about, then you can write a good blog on it.

There are many more topics for writing blogs.

2. Start YouTube Channel  :

Ever since internet data is cheaper in India, everyone is earning a lot of money by starting their own channel on YouTube through their talent. Starting a channel on YouTube is absolutely free and easy. However, in the beginning of the day you may have to struggle a bit, after that your passive income will start.

3. Create Online Course  :

Udemy is an open online learning course website where anyone is free to create and promote courses in the style of traditional post-secondary education. There are many people in India who are earning good money through Udemy.

4. Publish E-book On Amazon, Flipkart :

If you like writing, then you can publish your own eBook on leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. After publishing, if someone buys your e-book as many times as possible, you will continue to get its revenue.

You do not need to do anything, money will come every month.

5. Selling Professional Photos :

If you like to take photos and you have good skills to take photos then you can earn money by selling with the help of Shutterstock website. 

All the photos you have taken should be of high resolution And after that you only have to upload photos once, just after that your photos will be worldwide as many times as your earnings.

6. Rental Income :

If you have a house, shop or land lying vacant, you can rent it So that you get money every month. Apart from that, you can register your house on the web and get it listed. 

Do you more information, you can check the AirBnB website.

7. Give Space for Mobile Tower Or ATM :

Mobile Tower : 

If you have a large enough space and you are not using it, then you can install a mobile tower at that place And its registration and installation is also free. The people of the company themselves will come and go.

You can directly connect with the company given below and place a mobile tower in your empty space. 

1. Indus Towers

2. Bharti Infratel

ATM :  

Rental your space Under this scheme of renting out commercial space, you will get the rent from the NBFC and the rent will depend on the location of the ATM and the city in which it is located. 

Mostly , a monthly rent of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 can be expected through such a proposition.

8. Invest In Capital Gain :

Like I tell you the capital gains have been done. We will call the capital gains as the value of which should increase with the coming time and not decrease.

See friends, you have to spend money in a place that will increase its price after some time like you can buy gold, silver, or bonds.

9. Affiliate Marketing :

If your spend 2-3 hours daily on social media and your fan following is good on social media, then you can join the Amazon affiliate program.

There is no fee to Joining the program. Click for more info...

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Remember : - Money can come but time cannot come back. Don't Waste Your Time. 

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