How To Start E-commerce Business From Home with low Investment

Today we will talk about how you can start an e-commerce business from home in the low Investment. You should start your own online business as soon as coronavirus lockdown is over.

How To Start E-commerce Business From Home with low Investment

Nowadays everyone has started online shopping. If you have to buy anything online today, then you will go to Amazon first. Amazon has become the largest e-commerce company in the world. So you can start a business by joining such a big e-commerce company in the world, that too in low investment.

If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler So if you want to sell your products all over the world, then the best option for you is to start online business with Amazon.

If you are looking for a business sitting at home, then you can start online business from home by investing less money. So let's be aatmanirbhar bharat swatantra bharat.

What is the basic documents to start an e-commerce business?

1. GST Number (Home / Rent Address )

2. PANCARD ( Sole Proprietorship / Partnership  )

3. Bank Account - Cheque Current / Saving Account

4. Address Proof - Light Bill, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport etc.

How much investment for Start E-commerce Business ?

1. GST Registration : There is no charges for GST Registration Process, but some CA Charges Rs 1000-2000 rupees.

2. Address Proof : If you have your own house, you can get your business GST registered at home address.


If you stay on rent then you will have to make a rent agreement.  After that, your GST registration will be done at the rent address. You can be charged up to Rs500-1000 rupees for making a rent agreement.

3. Packaging Material : In starting, you will have to buy packaging material of Rs500-1000 rupees.

4. Computer/ Laptop / Notepad : Must be one of the three required for starting online business. You must have basic knowledge of computer.

5. Printer : initially basis you don't need to buy printer because not many orders come in the beginning. If received the order then processing the order, take out the printout of the invoice / label from the nearest cybercafe / Xerox shop. 

Whenever you're orders volumes are increase then purchase the printer.

6. Internet :  If you are starting a business of e-commerce from home, then there is no need to take an internet connection because Rs 4000-5000 Rupees will be charged for new connections. It is better that you use your personal mobile data.

7. Product Stock : You can start your E-commerce Business from 15-30 SKU's in starting. You have to take stock of 5-5 pieces of each product because you do not know which product will get a good sale. So that your money is not blocked in the inventory.

Friends, you must have now learned how to start a business of e-commerce in low investment from home. So start your own online business today and become your own boss.

That is why I tell you friends, do not ever depend on the same income source in your life. 

Always create multiple sources of income for the coming tomorrow so that you never have to see bad days.

You can also adopt the ideas given below to earn money.

If you want to keep bringing such posts for you, please comment and let me know. I am waiting for your comment.......!

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