Most Successful Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

Top 10 Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

Small Business Ideas With Low Investment, Best Profitable Business India

Most of people in the world get job after completed their graduation but there will be very few people who think of doing business themselves.

If you are one of them, then read this article completely because we will tell you some of the Profitable Business India. Which will help you to start a business.

See, friends should do the job only temporarily instead of permanently. Only then you will be able to become something good in life And if you continue to work for whole life, then there is no guarantee that companies will raise you till retirement.

So start your business as soon as possible because Time does not stop for anyone.

1. Door Step Mobile Repairing / Office :-

Everyday new smartphones are being launched in the market And the number of smartphone users is also everyday increasing. So obviously, the more sales there are, the more repairing services will be required.

If you have interest in this field and you also have good knowledge of smartphone, then you should leaning a course of mobile repairing. After learning, you can start this business from home.

You can offer this Services to customers.

The path Generations of cellular phones, additives used in mobile handsets, cellular telephone hardware troubleshooting (water damage, hang, charging troubles, network problems, strength failure, keypad troubles etc.), setup software, PC based diagnostic tools etc.

In this business you can earn more money with low investment.

2. IT support :-

Today, every companies needs IT support because there will be no business that does not need IT support.

If you are a computer hardware engineer, then you can easily earn a lot of earn money by starting this business from home easily And you will not have to invest much in this business.

How to find clients ?

1) Informed about your business to your relatives, friends and colleagues.

2) Promote your business On Social Media.

3. Digital Marketing :-

What is digital marketing? 

Digital advertising and marketing is the factor of advertising that utilizes internet and online primarily based digital technologies along with computer computers, mobile telephones and other virtual media and platforms to sell merchandise and services.

How to make money from Digital Marketing ?

If you have a good knowledge on below mentioned  ideas then you can earn money From Digital Marketing.

Like Content marketing, Blogging, SEO, Website designing, Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing, Mobile marketing, Email marketing.

Digital Marketing Managers are in rate of making plans and managing advertising and marketing campaigns that promote a company's brand, products, and services. Their duties include planning campaigns, studying metrics, and identifying trends.

They  have  good experience in art direction and social media.

4. Fitness Trainer :-

You can also make your career as a personal trainer because most people have started thinking about their good health. That is why there is a lot of demand for personal fitness trainers in metro cities today.

How do you start this business?

If you want to become a fitness trainer, then you should have degrees, diploma and certificate of fitness trainer. Only then you can enter this business easily.

A personal instructor is an person certified to have a varying diploma of knowledge of preferred fitness concerned in workout prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by means of setting dreams and providing remarks and responsibility to customers.

Where you work will decide your day by day responsibilities, but regular obligations for a non-public athletic instructor include: Demonstrating sporting activities and workouts to clients. Assisting clients in sporting events to minimize damage and sell fitness. Modify sports according to clients' fitness levels.

5. Legal Services :-

If you have Good Knowledge or Experience on Legal Services then you can offer this Services to customers and earn money from it.

What's legal Services?

Legal offerings are the offerings concerning prison or regulation associated subjects like issue of prison opinion, filing, pleading and defending of regulation fits etc via a legal professional or lawyer practicing regulation related offerings.

You can earn good money in a short time by becoming a Legal Adviser (Service).

6. Fast Food Counter :-

On a regular basis, you must have seen that the winning crowd does not happen in hotels, restaurants, but winning is at the fast food counter.

Yes friends, I am talking about opening a fast food business counter. If you have a specialty in cooking then you can start this business

You can start this business at only 10-15 thousand in the beginning time.

Tip: First of all, you have to find out a good place where the crowd of people is the most common And this business is already doing market, you will have to analysed it. After that start this business.

7. Gardening Service :-

What's your responsibility ?

Gardener responsibilities are tracking the fitness of all plants and greens-capes, watering and feeding plants, trimming trees and shrubs, fertilizing and mowing lawns, weeding gardens and maintaining green areas and walkways clear of debris and litter.

8. PAN Card Service :-

If you live in India and your job is to meet people, then you can definitely start this work.

If you are thinking of making a side income, then you can earn a lot of money by making a PAN Card of anyone, that too without investment.

Have you made your own PAN CARD ?  If not, get your PAN card first so that you can know what is the process to create a new PAN card. After that you can easily make a new PAN CARD for customers and take money from them.

There are many people in India who double / triple charges for making PAN card.

Tip: Whatever the rate of making new PAN card is going on in your area, you have to pay less than that. Your earnings will increase only when customers will come.

9. Become Insurance Agent :-

If your communication skills are good and you like to meet new or unknown people, then you can earn good money by becoming an insurance agent.

Who Can do it?

Everyone can do this business part time and full time. It will take a little investment to start this business, that is, IRDA exam. Everyone can do it like housewives, college students, employees (side business)

Eligibility :- 

What is the process of becoming a insurance agent? 

To be a Insurance agent, your educational qualification should be at least 10th pass and the age should be minimum 18 years.

If you're interested  in this field then Contact your nearest Insurance branch office and meet the development officer there.

After that you have to pass the exam of IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) And to be qualified, you have to bring minimum 60% only then you can move forward.

Note : One thing to remember friends in this business, you have to be more patient. Only then you will be able to become a successful insurance agent.

10. Computer Training / Teaching :-

Believe it or not, a lot of people still don’t know how to use computer (especially Microsoft office).You might already know enough about simple software packages to train different people a way to use them and set up your own computer-education classes.

Even so, you’ll want to broaden a curriculum and a advertising and marketing plan in your new business, and you’ll want to decide whether or not students need to come to you or you should go to them. But the possibility exists to take what you may consider as pretty rudimentary knowledge and turn it into a profitable operation. With that you can also teach computer courses online through the Udemy website.

You can also adopt the ideas given below to earn money.

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