How To Start Tailoring Business From Home Tips For Beginners

The Complete Guide to Tailoring Business from Home

Opportunity for starting a tailoring business shop. The apparel market is full of ready made garments.  You will find very few men who wear customized shirts and pants.  They do not require a tailoring shop.

How To Start Tailoring Business From Home
How To Start Tailoring Business From Home 

The women's section is the main market for the sewing shop.  Women like to wear customized and fitted clothes. They buy a lot of ready-made garments from the mall or market. But they need someone to change new clothes. So they often go to the tailor for change or custom fit clothing.  

Some of the common women's clothing products include kurtas, suits, salwar and kameez.  Even clothing purchased from the local market must be re-positioned to avoid seam failure

In the festival season, many women like to wear sarees and designer blouses.  When they buy a saree, they also need a blouse.  Usually they get a blouse piece with saree.  Again she needs a good tailor who can custom fit and custom design her blouse.  They have to fall from the sari and need to complete both ends of the sari so that they can exit.

In every society and colonies, there is a demand for a good tailor. Let me share more interesting opportunity areas. 

Nowadays people in metros and big cities are shifting to flats in societies. Many families are living in such a large society, enough to start a shop business.

Even though some tailors are already offering sewing services in your area, but you can start your work.  Remember, women are always looking for better sewing services.  The business is ideal for housewives and women who want to earn while running their family.

How much floor space is required for a home based ?

While this number depends on the machines and the staff, the space of 100–120 square feet is sufficient to start with 2 machines.  You can also use vertical space for storage materials.

Knowledge and skills require for Tailoring Business

1. Knowledge of running sewing machines (basic machines) and sewing machines

2. Learn to sew apparel. Whether you sew the garment yourself or hire a skilled tailor, you should learn the basics of sewing the garment.
3. Body measurement and garment measurement.
4. Learn pattern drafting

5. Cutting cloths for textile parts

6. Learn about clothes and their properties

7. Learn about Apparel Fit

8. Undertake training in sewing and garment making and pattern making.  A course of 3-6 months is sufficient to start a sewing shop.

Note: If you are stitched by a hired tailor, you do not need to learn sewing.

What type of machines do you need ?

For a tailoring shop, you need at least one black head single needle lock sewing machine and a 3 thread over lock machine.  An interlocking machine is used for edge finish.  If you want, you can also invest in industrial sewing machines.  Black head sewing machine in Amazon store is priced around Rs 3600 -6500 / -.

A table required for pattern making, garment measuring, and clothes cutting.  A 6 ft x 4 ft table top is fine.  If you have small space then you can manage it in a 4 x 3.5 square foot table

How To Do Marketing ?

You must tell others about your services.  For this print flex banner and display it in the main door of your house.  Wherever possible place your banner ads so that people can see that you are present.  If you are living in a society, you can print a printed bill / pamphlet door to door.

You can market your services on your Facebook page.  Also, create a WhatsApp group and if you are making an offer or have some products to sell, send messages periodically.

Which Tools Required For Starting Tailoring Business at home ?

In addition to sewing machines and a table, you need to buy working accessories.  See the following list.

1.  Scissors to cut clothes

2.  Chalk for marking,

3. Scales and curves,

4.  Measuring tape,

5.  Pattern paper,

6.  Needle

7. Seam opener

8. Raw Material Required: Threads and Suppliers

9. Some hangers, racks and stands

10. electric iron

How To Grow Business Tailoring Business ?

Do marketing as much as you can.  Get some leaflets printed and distributed in your society.  Talk about your services when you meet with other women in your society.

Open the Facebook page and display the design periodically and for discounted prices. Print the flex banner and display the banner wherever possible.  A banner must be placed at the main entrance of your shop / house.  Print your mobile / phone number.

Try to provide the best services to your customers.  Always take care of customer satisfaction.  Remember, your customers will become your invisible selling power.

If you do a good job, the satisfied customer will bring more work for you and tell others about your good services.

You can also adopt the ideas given below to earn money.

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