Earn Money Online From Books | Becoming A Booktuber

Earn Money Online From Books

Do you know what is Booktubing? In this field, you can earn money from books. As a career you can also choose this.

Earn Money Online From Books | Becoming A Booktuber
Earn Money From Books

In today's digital age, many people in the world are earning millions of money from books. If you also want to earn money from books like the rest of the people, then read this post completely.

Spanish YouTuber Javier ruescas Started Booktubing in 2010 And to this day, many international and Indian YouTube channels are doing a great job in booktubing.

Books is an amazing community on YouTube that talks about books, Review, Discussion & Summary. Book readers are increasing day by day in India.

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You may have to work hard at the time of starting. If you see the average, you will have to work continuously for 3 months. If you want to reach zero to millions then it will take a lot. During this, your foundation should be strong.

In starting, you have to decide which topics to make videos on.

Some people come in front of the camera and tell about the book and some people through audio and some through animated videos.

After that you have to decide that videos are to be made on the categories of which book.

1. All Types of Books

2. Specialized Topics - Business Books, Education Books, Fiction Books, Novels

> You will have two types of income from the first stage itself.

1. Ad Revenue :

As soon as you make a YouTube monetization policy, after that, whenever your video plays on YouTube, then there will be ads through which you will generate the revenue.

2. Affiliate Income

Whichever book you are reviewing, summarizing and discussing, the same book purchase has to be kept in the description of the affiliate link video. When someone clicks that link for the book purchase, your income will be generated.


As soon as you come in Phase 2, you get a good experience to a great extent. 

Whenever income is earned from your phase 1, invest in a little phase 2.

You have to bring improvement in the quality of videos and if you feel you can also increase your team And you can hire someone for editing, book finding, book reading.

You can save your time by reinvesting the money. So that you can do the next level thing.

Now you have to focus on sponsorship. By this phase your channel is growing well, so you can tell the publisher/book writer that you have a good audience. And you will review, summary & discuss their books. By doing this, you can collect fees from them.

Note - This should be on the side of the book's audience because never wrong with the audience.

You can approach direct publishers through call and email. You can say that " I am a YouTuber, if you have a good book then I can review." Initially, you can work in less money. But as you grow your channel then you can charge good money.

With this, the publisher also has the benefit to reach the audience of his book or also got the benefit of the audience and got the right book and you can also earn good money from it.

After that, you have to do two things for more earn money.

1. Website : -

You have to create a website/application the same name as your youtube channel. Through that, you can add your YouTube videos and summaries on that.

2. Audience : -

You must have the email, contact number of the audience connected to you Because whenever you make new videos, you can inform them.

" Always Sponsors give preference if you are connected with your audience."

By doing all this, your income will be multiple.

Suggestion : 

The book is such a companion who gives us support at every stage of life. Everyone should read books because books also help us to become capable human beings with knowledge.

You can also adopt the ideas given below to earn money.

If you want to keep bringing such posts for you, please comment and let me know. I am waiting for your comment.......!

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