Best Profitable Business In India 2020

Best Profitable Business In India With Low Investment 

Best Profitable Business In India With Low Investment
Best Profitable Business In India

Many successful businesses can earn more profits by starting at a lower cost investment. Today, due to this epidemic, most people are becoming unemployed, so this is the right time to make yourself independent (Atmanirbhar). 

Below low cost business ideas with high profit

1. Tea Coffee Shop :

The tea coffee shop business has already been profitable and there is not much investment in this business. Anyone can do this business with low investment.If you want to do this business, then you have to rent a shop in the market area. After that, you have to buy whatever is needed to make tea and coffee.

To grow the customer in the early days, you can also offer tea and coffee for tasting. You can also think about serving tea or coffee with a unique test.

If the customer likes the taste of tea/coffee then it will surely come to you forever. You can start this business on your own or a rent basis.

2. Mobile Breakfasts :

Nowadays mobile breakfast ideas is very popular in metro cities. If you are a specialist in cooking or know a little, then you can do this business. I'm not saying to you to buy a new vehicle Rather than you can take it on rent. 

Before starting, you have to find out from the market that which items like a customer and which business in the area will there be profit? If you are in India and you want to do this business, then you can do this business in 15-25 thousand. ( It's appropriate cost )

3. Soda Shop :

Soda Shop Business is popular and it's low-cost business ideas. In this business profit margin is very high.You need to make a small investment in purchasing soda maker. You will also need some skill-able manpower for this business.

4. Tiffin Services :

Starting Tiffin Services is a very profitable home-based business idea. Everyone needs food, if you are good at cooking delicious food at a reasonable price, you can start this business. Before starting this business you need to do a proper analysis of the market. In this business investment is a very low. Delicious food and timely delivery is the success mantra of this business.

5. Tailor Service :

If you are a housewife and want to earn part-time money then you can start Tailoring business at home. This business does not require a lot of investment, you just need the knowledge of sewing machine and sewing clothes. To begin with you can start cloth shuffling and cloth modification. If needed, you can also take sewing training.

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6. Real Estate Consultant :

One of the best highly profitable business ideas is opening a real estate agency. In this business, you need to help people in finding the correct property for rent or sell. You can earn money a huge commission from every transaction.

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7. HR Recruitment Services :

One of the most popular home-based business ideas is the HR recruitment services business. In this business all you need is data of candidates seeking jobs. You can Just refer to a candidate for the company and get a commission from it. It's a very good small business idea.

8. Wedding Planner :

Wedding planners are always in demand. If you have planning skills and staff, you can start your wedding planning services. This business demands moderate investments.

Wedding planners are always in any seasons demand. If you have good planning skills and staff, you can start your wedding planner business. You may have to invest a little bit in this business.

9. Mobile Garage :

If you have an interest in automobiles and you know about bikes or cars, then, of course, you should give this service to the customer. The advantage of this business is that you can start it from home with some important equipment.

Normally, this type of business is very less in India And through this business, if you give a good service to the customer then it will always come to you. After that, both your business and earnings will start increasing.

10. Insurance Agent :

Insurance Agent this business is one of the best for those who want to earn money lifelong. It does not take much investment to become an insurance agent and you can start this business from home.

To become an insurance agent, you will have to pass the (IRDA) exam. After that you will sell the insurance policies and you will get a commission on every policy. To succeed in this business you must have good communication skills and convincing power.

11. Travel Agent :

If you love to travel and help others in travel, you can become a travel agent by starting a travel agency. You need to a small shop, computer, and tie-up with various hotels and travel companies that’s it. To run this business you need a little bit of experience.

If you want to do the business of a travel agency from home, you can still do it.

12. Courier Services :

Courier services are an evergreen business Idea option. Many people today looking for better shipping costs and timely delivery. if you can do it then this business is for you. You can also take a franchise of reputed courier companies and

If you do not have the money to take a franchise, you can still do this business. Nowadays many companies in India provide services of multiple couriers, that too at a low cost.

13. Laundry Services :

The next business idea is a laundry shop. You can start a laundry shop with little investment in a rented shop. You need labor to do the laundry. This business is for low-skill illiterate people.

14. Candle Making :

Candle making is a low investment business idea. This business can also be started from home. You need raw materials such as molds, materials for making wax. You can think of buying ready made candle making machines for bulk production.

15. Idol Making :

One of the best creative and low-cost business ideas is idol Making. This business demands a lot of skill and creativity. It's used as showpieces or as decorative items. Festive season like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja demands an idol. You can start making an idol and make money out of it.

16. Bag Making :

Leather and clothes bags are always in demand. You can start this business with little capital. You need machines and raw material for making bags. You can easily get raw material from your local market.
After that, you can offer customize and printing bag also. 

17. Pickle Making :

Pickle making is a home based business for housewife.This business can be started with low investment. All you need is the making pickle skills. A good packaging, advertising, and marketing major is to succeed in this business.

18. Papad Making :

Along with making pickles, you can think of starting a papad making business. It's one of the best business for women. To start this business on a large scale, you need the number of employees. In the long run, it can be a profitable business.

19. Food Catering Business :

The food catering business is an evergreen business ideas. It's demands planning and execution skills. To get quick success in this business you have to serve delicious food.

Suggestions :

First of all always remember whenever you are starting a new business then please research it after that you can do it otherwise You will not be able to do business.

Remember - one thing any business takes time for growth. You have to patient until you are successful.

You can also adopt the ideas given below to earn money.

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