How To Start Online Kirana Store in India

How To Start Online Grocery Store India ?

How To Start Online Grocery Store India ?
Start Online Grocery Store India

What is the Online Grocery Store ?

Online grocery stores India where people can order food items according to their needs sitting at home and without ever leaving. After that, the order is delivered at the customer's house.

You must have seen that due to the Coronavirus, only two businesses are running, first grocery store and second medical store.

Seeing this many people have started thinking that if they had a store of Kirana, they would have earned it today too.

How To Open Grocery Store ?

In today's digital era, online business has become easy. You can start a grocery store business through a website and mobile application.

If you are starting an online grocery store, then you do not need space and you can start this business by keeping a specific few things from home.

Investment for Online Grocery Store

1. Website / App for Grocery Store Development Cost approximate 20-30 Thousand.

2. Promote Business:- You Need To Promote your business On all Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok Etc. So that your business reaches as many audiences as possible.

With this, you also have to register your business in Google Business Because today you must have seen that most people search with Google Which store is nearby. 

If you register a business in Google then any Google user will search kirana store near me. Then your store will be visible to buyer. So that Buyer will come to your website and place the order.

You can allocate the promotion budget from 5 - 10 thousand in the beginning.

Tips - 

If you want to make your store profitable business in a short time, then you have to first choose the specific is so that you can marketing your store on a low budget.

3. You don't need to keep Stock. Whenever you have online order received, then you have to take the products from direct wholesaler /Traders and after that you have to deliver to the customer. Out of that, you have to keep a slight margin.

For Example:-

If you deliver the online order of Rs.5000 and if your commission is even 10%, then your earning of 500 rupees is earned.

In today's date, there are people running online grocery stores who are taking online orders of millions.

4. Home Delivery Order:- After starting any business it takes time to increase the order volume. If you have your own vehicle, it is a good thing that you can deliver orders to the customer through them.

And whenever your orders increase, you can get the delivery of orders by a tie-up with the delivery partner.

As you add your delivery service, then your expenses will increase, you cannot ignore them. This is why you have to take profit of the grocery store business
Only then will you be able to do this business for a long time And only then you will succeed in this business

Basic Some Skills Required

1. You have a Good Knowledge Of Computer and you can easily work from it.

2. A little digital marketing should come, even if it does not, then you can learn.

3. If you want to do this business, then I would ask you to work at the grocery store first. So that you know how Kirana's business works.

Tips: Before you start any business, get the right information about it, only then start your business.

I hope you succeed in Online Kirana Store.

You can also adopt the ideas given below to earn money.

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